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Swordtail fish are live bearers so swordtail fish fry are born much bigger and stronger, with better chances of survival compared to other fishes hatched from eggs.

Swordtail fish are the most popular live bearing aquarium fish next to guppies. Other popular live bearing fish includes platy and molly fish.

Baby swordtail fish are almost transparent when born, but they will quickly gain a tinge of their adult colors. Fish fry may have a slight change in coloring as they grow up, but the base color will generally give a hint of its adult color.

Colors in swordtail fish are not linked to gender, so you cannot tell male swordtail fish from females from its coloration. Male swordtail fish don’t show a sword until they are sexually mature, so you can only separate males from females after about 3 months to a year.

Swordtail fish fry have very good temperament, and they co-exist well with other swordtail fish fish fry and other species of fishes. But as they grow older, some males may become more aggressive and bully other smaller fishes. However, swordtail fish in general, are still known for their peaceful behavior.

While peaceful and easy going, swordtail fish will often eat their young. New born swordtail fish need to be protected from adults by providing them with plenty of cover in the aquarium or be separated into an isolated tank with only fish fry.

Swordtail fish fry thrive well when fed a diet consisting of newly hatched brine shrimp and spirulina algae. Besides live food, they can also feed on dry food available from fish stores, but they will grow more quickly when fed live food.

If you are feeding dry food like fish flakes, make sure these are small enough for the swordtail fish fry to swallow. Some flake food can be fairly large in size, suitable for adult swordtail fish, but too big for baby fishes to swallow. If these flakes are too large for your fry, you can grind them up yourself to make them small enough for fry to swallow.

Unlike adult swordtail fish, babies need more food to grow quickly. Feed fish fry about three times daily and clear away excess food each time. More frequent feedings can quickly result in worsening water quality and swordtail fish fry are sensitive to such changes. Do monitor the water quality of your tank and change the tank water more regularly if required.


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